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Strategic Human Resource Management: A Practitioner’s Point of View

An Interview with Debbie Bennett, V.P. Human Resources & Finance, Ottawa Citizen
Interviewed by Mary Lou Coates
Queen’s Industrial Relations Centre

January 1, 2007

As an HR practitioner dedicated to the profession, Debbie Bennett, CHRP, currently serves as Vice Chair of HRPAO, having previously served for three years as Chair of the Professional Standards Committee where she was instrumental in the adoption of national standards. Debbie chairs the Governance Task Force and regularly attends the meetings of the Audit and Finance Committee. She is a past member of the Education Standards Committee and the Federal Government Affairs Committee. As with most members of the HRPAO Board, she previously served her local chapter through a variety of roles culminating in Chapter President. Prior to her move to Ontario, Debbie served on the Board of the British Columbia Human Resources Management Association.


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