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October 2016    






Transforming HR Data into Business Insight: A Closer Look at the HR Metrics and Analytics Program
Cathy Sheldrick, Queen’s IRC Marketing Assistant, 2016

 A Closer Look at the HR Metrics and Analytics ProgramQueen’s IRC recently introduced the HR Metrics and Analytics program to help HR professionals analyze metrics and transform data into powerful stories for their leaders.

Led by Queen’s IRC Director Paul Juniper and Queen’s IRC facilitator Jim Harrison, the program was designed to help HR professionals become more confident and competent in how to analyze data, how to use data properly, and how to share it in ways that can help their organization make decisions.

According to Paul, one of the key things people learn is how to link the data to the story. “Data with no story is not helpful. A story with no data is not going to be believed. You need to meld the two together.”

“Some people can be really good with the data, but they haven't had the practice or experience at presenting to senior leadership,” Paul said. “ Alternately some people who are in HR have been afraid of using data and numbers, but they're really good with the story. They don't know how to pull the right numbers out of the data in order to support their story.”

Brenda Grape, an HR Business Partner at AMI, recently attended the HR Metrics and Analytics program. “I was really thrilled with it. It definitely went above what I expected.” Brenda said that she really got a lot out of the case studies, specifically being able to focus on how she wanted to present the story that goes with the numbers, as well as focus on the numbers that back the story.

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Introducing a Complimentary Change Management E-Book: The Easy, Hard & Tough Work of Managing Change by Dr. Carol A. Beatty
Stephanie Noel, Queen’s IRC Business Development Manager, 2016

Stephanie NoelWhen I first started as an MBA student, I attended the Managing Change MBA course taught by Dr. Carol A. Beatty at Queen’s. During that time Dr. Beatty’s research was focused on collecting data from organizations about successful and unsuccessful change management projects. When I was hired at Queen’s IRC, where Carol was the director at the time, we continued to gather and analyze data about change projects in organizations, in both public and private sectors. With each program, we would incorporate the data results into the Change Management course, updating it with the latest statistics.

The Easy, Hard & Tough Work of Managing Change by Dr. Carol A. BeattyI am pleased to introduce Carol’s e-book, The Easy, Hard & Tough Work of Managing Change, which is a compilation of the best practices, frameworks, guidelines and checklists that she has developed. Over the years, Carol has trained hundreds of organizational leaders and managers, and delivered countless seminars on managing change. She has facilitated change initiatives in more than 25 organizations, and researched successful and unsuccessful change projects in hundreds of organizations. This e-book takes readers on a step by step journey through the change management process, taking complex concepts and making them as simple as possible. She illustrates the important points with case studies and examples. Carol’s practical approach, backed up by research, means that readers can immediately apply what they are learning to their organizations.

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Are You Concerned About Global Privacy? You Should Be!
Ian Turnbull, Director, The Canadian Privacy Institute, 2016

Are You Concerned About Global Privacy? You Should Be!You likely believe that your organization’s data – operating, financial, human resources – is a key resource and you have policies and processes in place to mitigate any risk.

Whether or not your organization operates in just one province, or just within Canada, you should understand that the principles and guidelines of data management are not grounded in geographic jurisdiction. Data management, and the security and privacy of that data, is a global issue.

Goodbye Safe Harbor
In October 2015, the “Schrems” decision by the European Court of Justice ruled that the “Safe Harbor” structure between the US and the European Union (EU) is invalid.(1)

The US has no federal privacy law (a source of serious concern to many organizations), and Safe Harbor was the means by which US-based firms could previously get blanket approval regarding the movement of personal data, including HR data, between the US and all EU member countries.

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Breakfast Book Launch Event: Watch for Details!

Dr. Carol A. BeattyQueen's IRC will be hosting the official launch of Dr. Carol A. Beatty's e-book, The Easy, Hard & Tough Work of Managing Change on November 25, 2016 at St. Andrew’s Club in Toronto.

Please watch your email and check in with us on social media for more details.

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Queen’s IRC Booth Next month, Queen’s IRC will attend two conferences and trade shows. If you are planning to attend, please stop by our booth and say hello:

Top Employer Summit – November 14 & 15 at The Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver, BC. (We're at Booth E12.)

HR Leaders Summit – November 16 & 17 at The Toronto International Centre in Toronto, ON. (We're at Booth 26.)





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