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4 Trends in Recruiting Top Talent: Approaches and Tools for HR Managers
Adam Smith, Principal, ASC, LLC

4 Trends in Recruiting Top Talent: Approaches and Tools for HR Managers

As the use of traditional methods of recruiting decline, human resource managers must develop new approaches and tools to recruit top talent. Hiring managers are often faced with wage pressures (particularly within private companies) and a lack of qualified workers. To effectively compete in the talent marketplace, organizations are leveraging a rich blend of methods in order to identify and recruit the best human capital that they can.

1. Big Data and Analytics
Many organizations are now using holistic approaches with integrated workforce planning and tech-enabled initiatives. These approaches forecast supply and demand and reach out to new networks of talent. Xerox used big data and predictive analytics provided by Evolv to identify the best predictors of attrition and performance in customer service jobs, and other employers are also becoming savvier about using such information and technology for recruiting and talent depth analysis. Robust analytics are now enabling employers to identify the top sources for candidates, relative yields, time to hire, and other quality of hire metrics.

2. Social Media
Social media is now a dominant component of recruiting, and social media recruitment platforms provide analytics that can enable employers to identify the most productive source(s) of top candidates. Employee referral programs are also being fueled by the growth of social media, and referral hire targets are at their highest levels in history.

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Internal Coaching: An Organizational Perspective
Grant Armstrong, Director, Organizational Development, Brock University, 2013

Internal Coaching: An Organizational Perspective

A number of years ago, I proposed the idea to the organization I worked for that we should consider having an internal coach. There were a number of reasons why I thought this would be a good idea, not only for the organization, but also the individuals, and taxpayers (as we were public sector), and finally for me. From an organizational standpoint, we had been using external coaches for a few years and in some cases had realized some value. The problem with external coaching was that it is:

    a. Expensive
    b. Harder to access, and
    c. External coaches in many cases did not understand our business.

There has been a substantial amount of discussion about the third point. Some external coach training organizations, and consulting companies that offer external coaches, have suggested that having specific institutional knowledge is not required. However, in my 35 years of coaching employees both from an informal (part of my managerial accountabilities) and formal (providing internal professional coaching services) capacity, it has been my experience that they want to know that you understand their business or at the very least, their industry.

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