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Building the Blue Team: Using Conflict Management Concepts with Canadian Forces Personnel Overseas
Tim Gushue, Major (RCAF-Retired)

 Using Conflict Management Concepts with Canadian Forces Personnel Overseas This article will discuss how familiar private and public employment sector conflict management concepts, practices and training were applied and adapted by the Department of National Defence's Conflict Management Program to prepare military units and individuals for the exigencies of overseas operations. In particular, it details the experience and level of success of implementing interest-based conflict management tools into teams deploying for overseas missions.

Meet the Blue Team and the Red Team
In war games, exercises and military operations, the contesting sides are often designated as the "Blue Team", the friendly forces – our own and our Allies, and as the "Red Team", the opposing forces or enemy.

The Blue Team does not derive its strength solely through the weight of numbers or through superior weapons and technology. The Team's morale, cohesion and confidence in itself, each other member, and its leaders, are all key human dimensions factors which contribute to a decisive, and cost-effective, war-winning pre-condition: unquestioned mutual reliance or trust. When the Department of National Defence's Conflict Management Program started, we believed that conflict management tools which supported the development and strengthening of trust within individuals and units comprising the Blue Team, would increase their level of mission success and reduce the human cost.

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Queen's IRC Announces Partnership with Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business
Paul Juniper, Director, Queen's IRC

Queen’s IRC Announces Partnership with Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business Queen's University IRC is pleased to announce a collaborative partnership with the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business in Trinidad. This agreement will allow us to bring existing programming to a different audience and to develop exciting learning opportunities with a new partner.

We have been working with the Cave Hill School of Business at the University of the West Indies in Barbados for a number of years, and we are excited to continue to expand our partnerships in the Caribbean. Both Queen's IRC and the Arthur Lok Jack GSB have the goals of creating a better working environment for labour relations and human resources practitioners. We have similar teaching styles, using adult learning principles such as engagement and experiential techniques.

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Give Your Organization the Edge in 2014
Stephanie Noel, Queen's IRC Business Development Manager

Give your organization the edge in 2014 We're listening to you. Our recent Sales and Marketing Survey results revealed that over 70% of respondents like early bird/promotional discounts. While we normally offer an early-bird discount if you register more than 60 days ahead of the program, we decided for a limited time only, to double your early bird discount when you register for a 2014 program. You will save $750 on 4-5 day programs and $350 on 2-3 day programs if your register before December 31, 2013.

Hundreds of organizations are investing in their people to meet the challenges of today's changing business culture. Queen's IRC programs give HR business professionals the skills they need to lead change in an evolving global economy.

Give your team the edge they need to succeed, and join us for labour relations, organizational development, or advanced human resources training in the new year.

Please contact us for more information today: By phone 1-888-858-7838, email irc@queensu.ca or online irc.queensu.ca.






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Connecting Human Resources With Your Bottom Line Conference

Connecting Human Resources With Your Bottom Line Conference Queen's IRC Director Paul Juniper, will be speaking at the Consulting Engineers of Saskatchewan's conference, called "Connecting Human Resources With Your Bottom Line". The conference will take place on Monday, January 27, 2014 in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Paul and the other speakers will address the talent crisis in consulting engineering. For more information on the conference or to register, visit www.ces.sk.ca.

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