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March 2015    





Labour Relations and the Rise of the Millennial
Stephanie Noel, Queen's IRC Business Development Manager

  Get Ahead of the Shift

Your union membership is getting younger.

It's no secret that millennials are increasingly becoming a major demographic in the workforce. But the way they work, the tools they use and how they engage with others is completely different from earlier generations. Are you ready for them?

Anne Grant, an expert in labour relations and mediation, will be exploring the evolution of the workforce and the impact on union-management relations at the Queen's IRC 2015 Workplace in Motion Summit on April 16 in Toronto. "Successful organizations and unions need to understand what millennials expect from management, labour relations and union representation," she says. "They place great value on a collaborative culture and the ability to communicate freely. We need to change the way we think about union-management partnerships and how we engage millennials in those discussions."

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The Golden Rules of Fact-Finding: Six Steps to Developing a Fact-Finding Plan

Lori Aselstine, Queen's IRC Coach, 2013

Golden Rules of Fact-Finding: Six Steps to Developing a Fact-Finding Plan As labour relations professionals, we are required to engage in fact-finding on a regular basis. Good fact-finding ensures that the information upon which we form our conclusions and recommendations is credible, and that our advice is evidence-based.

When planned and executed properly, fact-finding provides a solid foundation for conducting analyses, forming conclusions, generating options and formulating sound recommendations. Fact-finding may involve researching documents or existing records and data, holding focus groups, interviewing witnesses, or using written surveys and questionnaires. The techniques employed will depend on the project or issue under consideration. What is constant across all fact-finding missions is the need for a plan to guide and document your efforts.

Developing a good fact-finding plan starts with figuring out what you need to know – what information do you have to have in order to form an evidence-based opinion. The precursors to good fact-finding include scoping the issue to determine what it is you need to answer, understanding the context within which the issue has arisen, and appreciating the "political" landscape (organizational and personal relationships often play a significant role in shaping a witness' view of a matter) – all of these things can influence the approach you take to any given fact-finding endeavour.

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Latest News


Succession Planning: Getting it Right

Queen's IRC recently sponsored a roundtable with the Canadian HR Reporter on Succession Planning. In this video, part 1 of a 3-part series, experts look at the importance of succession planning and getting management on board to make it a strategic priority.

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Guest Speakers Announced for 2015 Workplace in Motion Summit

Queen's IRC is hosting the 2015 Workplace in Motion Summit in Toronto on April 16, 2015. We are pleased to announce the growing list of speakers and guest speakers.

Summit hosts and leaders:

  • Paul Juniper, Queen's IRC Director
  • Brenda Barker Scott, Summit Chair
  • Francoise Morissette, OD Leader
  • Diane Locke, HR Leader
  • Anne Grant, LR Leader

Special guest speakers:

  • Brittany Forsyth, Vice President of Human Relations, Shopify
  • Bryan Acker, Culture Change Ambassador, TELUS Communications Inc.
  • Christine Greco, Vice President, Human Resources and Corporate Affairs, Samsung
  • Courtney Jolliffe, Resource and Logistics Co-ordinator, We Day, Free the Children
  • Hugh Ritchie, Director, Government Relations Program, Office of the President, OpenText
  • James Prince, Manager of We Day Retail Distribution and Sales, Consumer Engagement, Me to We
Queen's IRC Workplace in Motion Summit - Get ahead of the shift Queen's IRC Workplace in Motion Summit - Get ahead of the shift Queen's IRC Workplace in Motion Summit - Get ahead of the shift
Queen's IRC Workplace in Motion Summit - Get ahead of the shift   Queen's IRC Workplace in Motion Summit - Get ahead of the shift    

Download the Summit brochure or visit our website for more information. To take advantage of discounted pricing, please call us at 1-888-858-7838 or email irc@queensu.ca to regsiter.

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