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4 Steps to Fix a Toxic Workplace
Cathy Sheldrick, Queen’s IRC Marketing Assistant, 2018

4 Steps to Fix a Toxic WorkplaceHow do you fix a hostile workplace after a strike, merger or other polarizing event? How do you create a healthy workplace after a harassment or grievance investigation? It can be difficult to rebuild the trust that has been lost between members of a team or in leadership, or both. But, according to Anne Grant, a Queen’s IRC facilitator and workplace restoration specialist, you have to bring people back to a joint vision of what the workplace should be.

Is Your Workplace Toxic?
According to Anne, a toxic or poisoned workplace is a work environment where the work product is being affected by the dysfunction of the members of the team. Some signs and symptoms of a workplace that needs help could be an increase in grievances or sick time; it could be more people quitting or retiring; it could be difficulty in recruiting and retaining talent. But there are also more subtle signs, like apathy among workers or an increase in gossip or bullying.

“We have all kinds of processes for addressing a complaint,” says Anne. “But we don't have as many processes for getting back to an ideal workplace after a complaint or polarizing event like a merger, strike or perhaps a big investigation.” And that’s where a workplace restoration comes in. Whether it is addressing difficulties with management, a group of rogue employees spreading negativity through the office, or an issue that no one ever got around to investigating, a workplace restoration can help re-establish communication and trust in an organization.

Anne shares four steps to fix a toxic workplace.

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Top 5 Queen's IRC Articles from 2017

These are the most popular articles Queen's IRC released in 2017.

  1. Best Practices for the Union-Management Relationship in the Workplace
    Gary T. Furlong, Queen's IRC Facilitator

    These are challenging times for public-sector finances, private-sector growth in a sputtering economy, and hard conversations at the collective bargaining table. With so many issues…
  2. Performance Management – Many Possibilities…and Implications
    Ian Cullwick, Queen's IRC Facilitator

    Performance Management (PM) has become a core organizational strategy and management priority for many organizations. PM can effectively be used to drive accountability, quality, productivity…more

  3. Creating a Collaborative Workplace: Amplifying Teamwork in Your Organization
    Brenda Barker Scott, Queen's IRC Facilitator

    Let’s begin with a question. Are you experiencing barriers to working collaboratively, even though you know collaboration is necessary? If you answered yes, this article is for you. We all know that…
  4. The Golden Years: The Aging Workforce and Human Rights Matters
    Deborah Hudson, Lawyer, Turnpenney Milne LLP

    As the Canadian population ages, so does our workforce. Mandatory retirement programs have generally been outlawed (with few exemptions), and many Canadians now choose to work…more

  5. The Making of the Super CHRO
    Philip C. Wilson and Bill Greenhalgh

    Today CHRO’s are judged on what they deliver and how they get things done. Aligning talent, fostering engagement, enabling common shared vision and values are critical elements in their toolkit…more

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Upcoming program dates & locations:

March 26-27, 2018: Ottawa
September 26-27, 2018: Edmonton
November 14-15, 2018: Toronto

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Congratulations to the Winners!

Queen's IRC 80th Anniversary ContestCongratulations to the winners of our 80th Anniversary contest! They have each won $1,000 towards their next professional development program from Queen's IRC:

  • Melody Bundt (Calgary, AB)
  • Kevin Champagne (Calgary, AB)
  • Jeff Gerestein (Brooks, AB)
  • Lindsay Gordon (Kitchener, ON)
  • Shoshana Kalfon (Montreal, QC)
  • Kelly-Ann Cordner (Surrey, BC)
  • Delphine Ramsden (Vancouver, BC)
  • Kristen Slade (Hay River, NT)

Conference and Trade Show Update

Queen’s IRC BoothQueen's IRC will be attending a couple of conferences and trade shows in the next few months:

HRPA Annual Conference and Trade Show on January 31-February 2 in Toronto at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. We will be at booth #114. Queen's IRC facilitator, Brenda Barker Scott, will be presenting on "Organizational Design for HR Practitioners" on January 31 from 3-4pm in room 703.

Top Employer Summit on April 4-5 in Toronto at the Hilton Hotel. Stop by booth E5 and say hello.





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