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January 2015    






Are You Ready for the New World of Work?
Stephanie Noel, Queen's IRC Business Development Manager

Get Ahead of the Shift

We have reached an important turning point in the workplace, a time where organizational success is no longer defined by economies of scale and efficiency, but by the ability to learn and innovate. New technologies continue to transform the playing field with new products and services. Global competition is now the norm. By 2020, millennials will make up half of the workplace.

The era of centralized governing systems and rigid hierarchies is over. People now generate value with their minds, rather than with their muscle, and organizational frameworks that worked in the past no longer serve us. So how do we prepare for this shift and ensure that our organizational models and strategies will enable us to thrive in the future?

Queen's IRC has created a space to understand and discuss these game changers. The 2015 Workplace in Motion Summit will be held on April 16, 2015 at the Allstream Centre in Toronto. The Summit will explore key trends in technology, global competition, generational flux and the knowledge economy. The day will include valuable opportunities to network with colleagues, discover what pioneering organizations are doing to connect and leverage talent, and learn what you can do to thrive in the new world at work.

It is an exciting opportunity for new participants and IRC alumni to attend this one-day Summit to explore the future of workplaces, learn about innovative organizations and create opportunities for change with their colleagues.

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Coaching Skills: Post-Program Perspectives
Cathy Sheldrick, Queen's IRC Marketing Assistant

Coaching Skills Brochure

In December 2014, Queen's IRC introduced a new two-day Coaching Skills program. With long-time Queen's IRC facilitator Françoise Morissette at the helm, the program promises to deliver essential coaching skills, tools and models to help participants master the coaching process and improve performance at the individual and organizational level.

"Coaching is popular because it's very portable and can be used formally or informally," said Françoise, the lead facilitator for the program. She said coaching is a good opportunity to turn knowledge into know-how. For organizations to compete, people development is becoming essential and employers are looking for opportunities to develop and manage talent. Training employees in coaching is one way to do that.

Talent is an organization's biggest asset, and Françoise said she has heard over and over again that it's not being managed well. "The program participants were very aware of the huge shifts happening in the world of work and how things will have to be different in the future of work." Coaching is part of a larger set of vital skills that include talent management and talent development.

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Director's Note – January 2015
Paul Juniper, Queen's IRC Director

Paul Juniper

There has been a great deal of discussion these days about generational differences at work. Millennials are seeking different rewards than their older co-workers, and evolving technology is changing the way we all do our jobs. In such a diverse and constantly shifting environment, how do we build teams that foster collaboration, trust and a shared vision for success?

Queen's IRC programs tackle that challenge head on, using evidence-based tools and hands-on activities to help you design processes and practices that result in a positive work environment that clearly contributes to the bottom line.

I am pleased to introduce our new Designing Change program to help you map out and lead a transformational culture shift that engages multi-generational team members from all levels of your organization. Our new Building Trust in the Workplace program is offered as a one-day workshop or as an add-on to other select courses, and focuses on developing the vital skills, practices and process that result in a culture of respect and trust. And our highly popular Change Management program gives you the confidence and tools you will need to diagnose, plan and implement changes in your organization.

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Latest News


Top 5 Queen's IRC Articles from 2014

These are the most popular articles Queen's IRC released in 2014.

  1. 5 Steps to Build Trust and Change the Culture in an Organization
    By Paul Juniper, Director, Queen's University IRC
    How do you change the culture in a workplace where workers don't trust the leaders, where employees are not engaged, and where people just don't care about doing their jobs? A few months ago… more
  2. Recognizing Employee Engagement in the Workplace
    By Cavell Fraser, Vice President Human Resources, Libro Credit Union
    There's a lot of talk about employee engagement these days, but how do we recognize these engaged employees and show appreciation for the things they do to support the company? It's not always easy… more
  3. The Head-Down Theory: How Unfairness Affects Employee Engagement
    By Blaine Donais, President and Founder, Workplace Fairness Institute
    Modern HR practice suggests that the difference between successful and struggling companies can be found in employee engagement. Those companies who engage employees to actively participate… more
  4. The Need for Lean HR: Reinvent or RIP HR
    Diane Wiesenthal, FCHRP, Corporate People Responsibility® Ltd.
    RIP HR. That will be the tombstone on the HR profession if we don't get our act together soon. Sadly it seems we just cannot agree on a unified national approach on the professional association front… more
  5. Strategic Grievance Management in Today's Unionized Environment
    By Lori Aselstine, Director, Employee Relations and Strategic Human Resources Government of Ontario (retired)
    The word "strategic" gets thrown around pretty loosely these days – it's one of those business buzz words meant to instill confidence that we've thought this through and it's all under control… more

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New Program Planner Now Available

Program Planner

We're pleased to introduce our Spring 2015-Spring 2016 Program Planner. It details our new offerings as well as our other foundational and advanced programs. It includes information about our certificates, and a quick-reference 18-month calendar of programs with dates, locations and fees.

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