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The Future of Unions in Canada's Private Sector: How Can Unions Overcome their PR Problem?
Stephanie Noel, Business Development Manager, Queen's IRC

 How can unions overcome their PR problem? Roundtable video Unions face many negative perceptions, such as the notion that union workers are lazy, under worked, have job security for life, and enjoy gold-plated benefits and pension packages that others can only dream about. In light of this, how can unions overcome their PR problem?

This question was one of many that was put to a panel of labour relations practitioners and experts recently, at a roundtable discussion sponsored by Queen's IRC, and hosted by the Canadian HR Reporter. Todd Humber, the Canadian HR Reporter's managing editor, moderated the roundtable discussion.

In the first of three videos to be released by the Canadian HR Reporter, panelists weighed in on the future of unions in the private sector, discussed the PR problem unions may or may not have, made suggestions about what can be done to overcome it, and looked to the future for Canadian unions.

In this article, I have summarized some of the main thoughts and quotes from the panelists. You can view the full 12-minute video in the article as well.

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Queen's IRC Director's Note – January 2014
Paul Juniper, Director, Queen's IRC

Queen's IRC Director Paul Juniper Twitter and other social networking channels have demonstrated just how quickly we've become a global community. News travels at a blinding speed, and events occurring halfway around the world are broadcast in real time to our various devices.

These days, the business world is evolving just as quickly. New international partnerships and collaborations have changed the landscape in practically every industry, resulting in both opportunity and challenge for organizations and changing the way we approach new markets. It's not just a matter of expanding into an international market – it's also about understanding how new competitors are vying for your customers and your top talent.

At Queen's IRC, we don't just teach you how to thrive in a global economy – we live it. We've partnered with the Cave Hill School of Business in Barbados since 2009, and recently, we signed a partnership agreement with the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business, a school recognized as the premier institution for the provision of business and management education, training and consultancy services in Trinidad and Tobago. These agreements allow us to expand our markets – and they give us valuable experience that can be translated into teachable moments for our clients.

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Interviews with LR, HR & OD Experts Available Online
Queen's IRC

Queen's IRC has interviewed many of our expert facilitators, speakers and staff, in the areas of Labour Relations, Human Resources and Organizational Development. Some of the interviews are now available on our YouTube channel, with many more being added in the next few weeks. We encourage you to take the time to check out these videos.

Gary Furlong – Lead Facilitator for the Negotiation Skills and Managing Unionized Environments programs

Andy MacDonald – Coach at the Negotiation Skills program

Al Loyst – Coach/speaker at the Negotiation Skills and Managing Unionized Environments programs

Craig Flood – Guest speaker at the Labour Arbitration Skills program

Brenda Barker Scott – Facilitator for the Organizational Design, OD Foundations, HR Decision Making and Building Smart Teams programs





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 Come visit us at HRPA 2014

This week, we are at HRPA's 2014 Annual Conference & Trade Show, which explores HR's role in fostering innovation. The conference seeks to examine not only how HR identifies, develops and rewards innovators, but how HR can actively innovate.

HRPA 2014 takes place January 22 to 24 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, South Building, 222 Bremner Blvd., in Toronto, Ontario. If you are attending, please drop by and say hello. We are at booth 801.

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