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Recruiting Talent Using Applicant Tracking Systems
Lori Stewart, Manager, Organizational Development and Learning, Human Resources, Queen's University

Recruiting Talent Using Applicant Tracking Systems As demographics, technology and social media change, so must approaches to recruiting talent. Companies who establish innovative recruiting practices will have a competitive advantage for attracting quality candidates. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are a key component of this. Their ability to provide an improved candidate experience leads to a greater talent pool from which to draw and, by automating routine recruiting activities, also provides Human Resource (HR) professionals and hiring managers time to focus on other aspects of recruiting. This article explores the benefits of Applicant Tracking Systems and considerations for choosing the right product for your organization.

What are Applicant Tracking Systems?
Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) help companies with the first stage of talent management – recruiting the right candidates. ATSs support recruiting by simplifying the candidate application process and storing the information collected in a database. Robust reporting, electronic candidate screening, automated 'approval to hire', candidate tracking, and onboarding processes are all typical features.

Benefits of Applicant Tracking Systems
Why invest the time and money to implement an ATS when organizations have recruited for many years without one?

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Change Management 101: What Every Change Manager and Change Leader Needs to Know BEFORE Jumping into Implementation
Sharon Parker, Queen's IRC Facilitator

Change Management 101: What Every Change Manager and Change Leader Needs to Know BEFORE Jumping into ImplementationAre you the leader of a change effort and stuck in the weeds? Have you read the latest Change Management book, but no one seems to be following you? Are you frustrated that your team or your organization seem to have forgotten that you shared your vision with them already?

It could be that you have a sense of your vision but you haven't defined it in detail. It could be that your vision doesn't captivate your team. It could be that you are focusing your efforts on creating the perfect plan. It could be that you are all about implementing but haven't focused on preparing for or planning the change. This article highlights the important difference between managing change and leading change. I then go on to share the first three keys to successful change.

Leading Change versus Managing Change
Leaders don't force people to follow them; they invite people on a journey. (Charles S. Lauer)

In today's world of on-going change coupled with a scary rate of failure, it is super important to realize, or remember, that there is a massive difference between leading change and managing change. It is so easy to mix up these two very important roles. For your organization to be successful in your change efforts, you cannot afford to mix up these roles or their responsibilities.

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Interviews with LR, HR & OD Experts Available Online
Queen's IRC

Queen's IRC has interviewed many of our expert facilitators, speakers and staff, in the areas of Labour Relations, Human Resources and Organizational Development. We have recently uploaded more video interviews, listed below. All of the interviews are available on our YouTube channel, and a complete list can be found on our website. We encourage you to take the time to check out these videos.

Brenda Barker Scott – Facilitator for the Organizational Design, OD Foundations, HR Decision Making and Building Smart Teams programs

Derik McArthur – Coach at the Labour Relations Foundations program

Henry Dinsdale – Speaker at the Labour Relations Foundations program

Jim Harrison – Facilitator for the Linking HR Strategy to Business Strategy program

Paul Juniper – Queen's IRC Director, and Facilitator for the Linking HR Strategy to Business Strategy, Strategic Workforce Planning, and Advanced HR programs

Carol Beatty – Facilitator for the Change Management program, and past Director of Queen's IRC





Latest News


Congratulations to the HRPA trade show prize winners!

Last month, Queen's IRC attended HRPA's 2014 Annual Conference & Trade Show in Toronto, Ontario.

When individuals visited our information booth, they were invited to enter their business card in a draw. Prizes included Starbucks gift cards and three resources: Switchpoints, authored by Peter Edwards, Gary Furlong's Conflict Resolution Toolbox, and Made in Canada Leadership, written by Amal Henein and Francoise Morissette.

We would like to congratulate the following individuals who have been selected to receive a gift from Queen's IRC: Darla Pirillo and Jennifer Robinson.

Of course, we would also like to thank all of the individuals who stopped by our booth to visit with us. We hope to see you at one of our upcoming programs!

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