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December 2020    






Reducing Participant Stress Before a Workplace Investigation
Devan Corrigan, 2020

Reducing Participant Stress Before a Workplace InvestigationIt is normal for participants in a workplace investigation to feel some anxiety, but too much worrying can create barriers to obtaining critical information, which is a challenge for investigators looking to build complete and thorough reports.

Ensuring participants fully understand the process and their role in it can help alleviate unnecessary anxiety during the investigation. With a greater understanding of the process, participants can feel empowered to speak confidently in the interview and provide the investigator with the necessary information.

Where does this anxiety come from?

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Preparing for the Future with Scenarios
Brenda Barker Scott and Stephanie Noel, 2020

Preparing for the Future with ScenariosOur lives, personal and professional, have been disrupted in a way that many of us may have never imagined. As schools and businesses close, people find themselves isolated from colleagues, friends and family, and sometimes facing this challenge alone. Everything that we took for granted seems to be upside down and inside out. And there is no definitive end in sight.

How do we plan for a future with so many unknowns? Even though your boards and leaders may be seeking concrete solutions, it’s simply not possible; no one has a crystal ball. None of us can accurately foresee how the next months will unfold, and quite frankly, that is not our work right now. As futurist Amy Webb so pointedly observed, our “goal right now isn’t prediction. It’s preparation for what comes next.”

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Congratulations to the Winners of our Survey Draws

Earlier this year, we ran two surveys – one on the State of HR in Canada and one on the State of Labour Relations in Canada. Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their insights with us.

At the end of each survey, respondents were given the option to be entered into a draw for a $50 coffee gift card. Congratulations to the following people, who were the winners of our draws.

An Inquiry into the State of HR in Canada survey:

  • Merrilee Allan, Winnipeg, MB
  • Deborah Douma, Mississauga, ON
  • Ernie McLean, Winnipeg, MB

An Inquiry into the State of Labour Relations in Canada survey:

  • Tony Cantin, Ottawa, ON
  • Suzy Whitty, Invermere, BC


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