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December 2014     






Improve Your Negotiation Outcome By Learning Something New: A Collective Bargaining Success Story
Jennifer Davis, Conciliation and Mediation Specialist, Government of New Brunswick

Success Ahead - Improve Your Negotiation Outcome By Learning Something New: A Collective Bargaining Success Story

Most people are familiar with the old adage that defines true insanity as doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result. Then why, in labour relations, do we continue using the same processes and methods that have not yielded positive results for us in the past? Well, some parties have learned this lesson and are trying new approaches in their search for win-win outcomes of negotiation.

As a labour relations mediator, I have had the pleasure of working with parties who have realized that they cannot continue doing the same thing over and over and expect different results. This is a mediator's account of how two parties to a collective agreement did something different. It is a story of how they learned new processes and skills to achieve outcomes that supported their collective priorities and interests. The improvements they saw were not just in the outcome of negotiations, but also in their ability to weather conflict and resolve disputes during the term of their collective agreement.

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Looking Back on 2014…
Stephanie Noel, Queen's IRC Business Development Manager

Stephanie Noel As the year draws to a close, I would like to reflect on some of the highlights for Queen's IRC. This fall we introduced two new programs based on feedback from our participants. Building Trust in the Workplace and Coaching Skills were both well received and we look forward to offering them again next year. In March 2015, we will launch a new advanced change management course called Designing Change, which will provide the tools and skills needed to map out and lead a transformational culture shift in an organization.

In addition to developing new programming this year, Queen's IRC Director Paul Juniper spoke at a number of conferences and special events, including the Alberta Health Services HR Conference, the Queen's University Alumni Leadership Summit, and the Consulting Engineers Association of Saskatchewan's Conference.

This year has been an exciting and busy year at the IRC. We joined forces with the Faculty of Arts and Science at Queen's, and are excited about this opportunity for collaboration. Our staff, facilitators and speakers travelled from coast to coast and internationally, teaching new skills and tools to HR, OD and LR practitioners. We extended our international presence by offering programs at the Cave Hill School of Business in Barbados and the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business in Trinidad. We also released the results of our Caribbean survey, An Inquiry into the State of HR in the Caribbean.

On behalf of Queen's IRC, I would like to thank you for your continued support of our programs and our practitioner-focused research. I am looking forward to continuing to build the relationships with our supporters, participants, and their sponsoring organizations in 2015.

  Queen's IRC Article Review 2014

I am proud of the work we are doing at Queen's IRC, and I encourage you to take a few minutes to review the excellent papers and articles we have released this fall.





Latest News


Professional Jobs at Risk in the Future

  Paul Juniper

Queen's IRC Director Paul Juniper recently spoke at the CPA Ontario Conference about the changes coming in the world of work. He warned that technology will make even some professional jobs obsolete.

The Bottom Line accounting newspaper published an article about Paul's talk.

>> Little future in historical roles, speaker warns


Conference and Trade Show Prize Winners

Queen's IRC BoothThis fall, Queen's IRC attended a number of conferences and trade shows. It was great to see some old friends and meet some new ones. Many people who dropped by our booths entered our draws. Congratulations to the winners, which include: Rita Grenier Buchan, Linda Hall, Jacquie Little, Sabrina Martin, and Beth Sorichetti.


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  This Holiday Season... Give Yourself the Gift of Knowledge.


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