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Director's Note – Fall 2014

  Changing the HR Mindset from Transactional to Strategic: Lessons from the Government of Alberta

Paul Juniper's "Director's Note" for Fall 2014 has been released. It is included in our new Fall 2014-Fall 2015 Program Planner, and highlights what's new at Queen's IRC.

Paul also announces some exciting plans for the coming year, revealing the introduction of two new programs. These programs have been created based on feedback from program participants, and will begin this fall.

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The Head-Down Theory: How Unfairness Affects Employee Engagement
Blaine Donais, President and Founder, Workplace Fairness Institute

  Model: The Head-Down Theory

Modern HR practice suggests that the difference between successful and struggling companies can be found in employee engagement. Those companies who engage employees to actively participate in the success of an organization report greater productivity, morale, innovation and health. Most companies offer rewards as a way of promoting employee engagement. Yet very few have analyzed the reasons why employees are not engaged. Our research at the Workplace Fairness Institute has led to a conclusion about the real reasons for lack of employee engagement – it's all about fairness.

What is Workplace Fairness?
Drawing from the works of John Rawls and Ronald Dworkin, we define workplace fairness as "equity of concern and respect for each workplace participant regardless of his/her position in the organization." We define "equity of concern and respect" in the following manner:

  • "Equity" does not mean "exactly the same"; rather that on balance individuals and groups will be accorded the same level of respect regardless of their position.
  • "Concern" means that one person's views on a particular conflict should be given as much consideration as another's.
  • "Respect" means that all individuals should be accorded the same level of dignity in the way decisions are made regardless of their position in the organization.

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Latest News


Invest in Your Best with a One-Time Team Discount!

This fall, give your team a competitive edge at competitive rates.

Register 3 or more members of your team in the same program and get a 20% discount.*

Register 5 or more team members in the same program and receive a 40% discount.*

*Discount applies to Fall 2014 programs only. All team members must register for the same program at the same time. To register for this promotion, please call us at 1-888-858-7838.

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New Program Videos

We are pleased to launch three new program videos – all of these programs are offered this September. The video gives an overview of the program, from the perspective of our participants and speakers.

Mastering Fact-Finding and Investigation Video

Queen's IRC Mastering Fact-Finding and Investigation program video

Building Smart Teams Video

Queen's IRC Building Smart Teams program video

Change Management Video

Queen's IRC Change Management program video

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Upcoming 2014 Programs


Register for a program:

For an overview of our professional development training, from the perspective of our participants and speakers, please check out our Queen's IRC Video.

For more program information, download our new Fall 2014-Fall 2015 Program Planner, visit us online at irc.queensu.ca or call 1-888-858-7838.





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