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Labour Relations and the Rise of the Millennial

Stephanie Noel
Queen’s IRC Business Development Manager

March 13, 2015

Get ahead of the shift with the 2015 Queen's IRC Workplace in Motion SummitYour union membership is getting younger.

It’s no secret that millennials are increasingly becoming a major demographic in the workforce. But the way they work, the tools they use and how they engage with others is completely different from earlier generations. Are you ready for them?

Anne Grant, an expert in labour relations and mediation, will be exploring the evolution of the workforce and the impact on union-management relations at the Queen’s IRC 2015 Workplace in Motion Summit on April 16 in Toronto. “Successful organizations and unions need to understand what millennials expect from management, labour relations and union representation,” she says. “They place great value on a collaborative culture and the ability to communicate freely. We need to change the way we think about union-management partnerships and how we engage millennials in those discussions.”

Along with the rise of the millennial, The Workplace in Motion Summit will examine key trends in workplace evolution – technology, globalization and the knowledge era, with key sessions that explore how these trends will affect the labour relations climate – for example:

Successful unions are using social media, big data and other tools to connect with members. What will the union meeting of the future look like?

In order to remain competitive, organizations need to work with their unions to develop strategic practices that stand up on the international stage. What needs to change in your workplace to enable that collaboration?

We need to understand and nurture talented teams, particularly as the pace of knowledge accelerates and work becomes more specialized. How will your labour relations strategies enable you to access and develop this talent?

Be part of the conversation
The Workplace in Motion Summit is a new way of strategizing for a changing world at work. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from successful organizations, brainstorm with colleagues and gain insights into the next generation and what they need to contribute to your success.

Get ahead of the shift – register today for this game-changing event.



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