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Director’s Note – Fall 2014

Paul Juniper
Queen’s IRC Director

August 8, 2014

Paul Juniper, Director, Queen's IRCChange – for most individuals and organizations – can bring about a mix of feelings, including apprehension, anticipation, anxiety and excitement. At Queen’s IRC, we have recently experienced change, and the best way to describe our feelings would be unbridled enthusiasm for a new era of opportunity, exploration and growth.

It’s with great excitement that we announce that Queen’s IRC has recently joined forces with the Faculty of Arts and Science at Queen’s. With 27 departments and schools, the Faculty of Arts and Science provides a wealth of opportunities for collaboration and unlimited possibilities to partner with some of the best minds in arts, languages, humanities, social sciences and physical and natural sciences.

Our integration within Arts & Sciences opens up a whole new world of mutually beneficial opportunities and a broader environment for exploring new ways to expand upon our programming. We are currently cultivating relationships within the Faculty and strategically planning priority areas for partnerships.

We are also pleased to announce the introduction of two new programs, beginning in the Fall of 2014 and based on feedback from program participants. Building Trust in the Workplace will focus on the vital skills, practices and processes that result in a culture of respect and trust. This program will be offered as a stand-alone one-day course, but will also be offered in conjunction with other programs to allow for shared savings for participants.

Evidence tells us that a long-term approach to employee retention yields great results. Our new Coaching Skills program will help you identify your top talent and implement strategies for nurturing their skills for mutual benefit and organizational success.

In his book An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield talks about adapting to new and unexpected situations, noting that, “it’s mostly a matter of changing your perspective.” At Queen’s IRC, we are always looking for fresh perspectives to move our programs forward, and feel confident that our new partnership will give us – and you – excellent opportunities for professional development. Let’s “think like an astronaut” and explore new horizons for growth and success!

Paul Juniper, CHRP, SPHR
Director, Queen’s IRC



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