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Director’s Note – Fall 2013

Paul Juniper
Queen’s IRC Director

June 26, 2013

Paul Juniper, Director, Queen's IRC“There is nothing in this world constant, but inconstancy.” (Jonathan Swift, 1709)

Swift’s words were true in the 18th century, and they remain true today.  We live in a world of continuous change – in both our personal and professional lives. And as our communities become more global and our careers more integrated, it can be challenging to keep up with breaking trends and best practices for your organization’s success.

At Queen’s IRC, we understand that you need practical, real-world skills to respond to the blinding speed of today’s business culture. That’s why we choose industry leaders and leading-edge thinkers to deliver evidence-based best practices in our classrooms. They have the expertise that you need to thrive and grow – and they continue the conversation with mentoring that extends beyond the classroom.

Our programs also incorporate opportunities to test your new skills and ideas in a safe supportive environment. Take part in a mock labour negotiation, or test a new process using our custom-designed simulations. Our facilitators and your fellow participants will provide invaluable feedback and unique perspectives to help you refine your ideas for immediate implementation in your organization.

We’re also embracing change. Our new website is a rich source of research, tools and opinions from industry leaders. We’ve also introduced exciting new programs designed to meet growing demands on HR and Business practitioners. Our new Linking HR Strategy to Business Strategy program, for example, provides you with vital business skills to develop strategic partnerships and contribute to your organization’s bottom line.

Strong leaders anticipate change and stay ahead of the curve. Don’t be caught standing still – take a look at our programs and take the next step towards guiding your organization – and your career- towards a successful future.

Paul Juniper, CHRP, SPHR
Director, Queen’s IRC




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